Aunt Nora’s Sweet Potato and Apple Casserole


There is no measuring here, sorry for the people that need exact calculations!

This makes a LOT, so you can half it…but it makes for great leftovers!

8 large sweet potatoes

4 or 5 Granny Smith apples (have to be granny smith, because they are tart and add balance to the sweet potatoes)

Butter (as much as you want)

Brown Sugar (as much as you want)

Cinnamon (sprinkle generously over each layer)

Orange Juice (about ¾ cup give or take)

Some marshmallows if you so desire


Directions: Roast potatoes in their skins (400 degree oven), cool, peel, and slice into rounds.  Peel apples, slice thinly (or chunky) and par-boil for 5 minutes until they start to get tender.

In a deep casserole dish – cover bottom with a layer of sweet potatoes.  Sprinkle with some brown sugar, next layer apples and smear generously with softened butter and sprinkle with cinnamon.  Repeat layers until you end up with sweet potatoes on top.  (This is important to cushion the marshmallows you put on at the end).  When all the layers are complete, take your OJ and pour it over the whole thing.  I cook it at 350 covered until I can see everything (butter/OJ bubbling).  Then to really throw it over the top, take the lid off and throw a few marshmallows on top to brown.  (About 5 minutes)

Bon Apetite!!!