CT Amberwood Third's A Charm 



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Karma is the "champion" of my heart and the foundation dam of 

Goldruls Goldens.

She has been an outstanding producer for me and we have enjoyed many different venues together.  Her favorite things in life are tracking, fast food french fries and gaiting around the show ring for bait.  Have a look around and check out her many talented kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids!


Sadly, I had to let Karma go in April of 2011.  She almost made it to her 12th birthday, 

but a cancer called multiple myeloma took her from me.  She will live on forever in 

my heart and I would like to thank all my friends for their generosity in honoring Karma

with a donation to the Golden Retriever Foundation cancer research...





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Karma Lake Erie.jpg (1479326 bytes)                       Karma and Lily.jpg (143329 bytes)

(Karma 3 years old at Lake Erie and 9 years old with a great-grandkid, Lily!)







                      Karma 12 weeks                   Karma 13 months            Karma  the "Ambassador" 



  kbarjump.jpg (65213 bytes)                                Karma BOS.jpg (48379 bytes)                               wpe36.jpg (20106 bytes)

  AGILITY!                            First points!                          FIELD!




                      5 years old            Karma, Moxie & Gunner      Karma, Junior & Largo 





                                                          Karma & Largo      Karma, Largo and Sedona                                             



                        karma_and_I_pass_TD.jpg (12065 bytes)   Karma TDX judges.jpg (574704 bytes)      Karma TDX.jpg (45926 bytes)      Karma VST (2).jpg (301915 bytes)    Karma catalog ad (2).jpg (742569 bytes)               

         From TD, to TDX, to VST..............................CHAMPION TRACKER!!!!!!


Karma 7 years.JPG (396077 bytes)                   Karma 9 years old September 2008.jpg (997199 bytes)  

7 years old                9 years young!