Am. CH Harborview Goldruls Warrior Poet OS



Sadly, Finn left us on 2/5/2013...his sorely missed by those that love him...RIP sweet boy~


Finn has produced lovely puppies with his happy-go-lucky temperament and beautiful breed type.

He is sire to Champion and performance titled get!

(Lyric, Lucy, Georgia, Missy, Sugar, Walker, Symphony,  Lillian, Blu and Shiloh)


With just a few litters under his belt, Finn posthumously became an Outstanding Sire in 2014.   

(In 5 different venues, conformation, field, agility, obedience and tracking)

His qualifying get are:

CH Goldruls Kari O Key, BOSS - Lyric

Goldruls Key To My Heart Georgia TDX - Georgia

Goldruls Chic Key Dee AXJ CCA - Lucy

HR UCX Goldruls Into The Mystic CDX SH CCA VC - Missy

CH Prism's Double Blessings - Shiloh




Some of Finn's kids...

Lyric 2 weeks post puppies.JPG (189191 bytes)  Walker Dockdiving small.jpg (281295 bytes) Brody and Ella nov 2009.jpg (33154 bytes) Blu 7 months 6.JPG (171522 bytes) Blu at Atlanta Feb 4 2012.jpg (211760 bytes) Ford 3 years beach.JPG (248022 bytes) Georgia Pass TDX.jpg (616096 bytes) Lucille 7.5 months.JPG (445000 bytes)  


    CH Lyric          Walker (ptd. RN)            Brody              Blu            Blu grown up           Ford              Georgia TDX         Lucille AXJ   


Finn daughter Lillian.JPG (1063282 bytes)  Lucille and big sis Lyric.JPG (266332 bytes)  Myles snow 2009.jpg (58353 bytes)  Nomie finn and molly 2.JPG (154122 bytes)  sugar pass td.jpg (376733 bytes)  Ty Birthday 2 001.jpg (250549 bytes)  Lyric_4_point_major cropped.jpg (392340 bytes)  Missy_swim.JPG (526269 bytes)  Shiloh2014 BOW.jpg (133697 bytes)

  Lillian RE               Lucille & Lyric               Myles                   Gracie                      Sugar TD             Ty                       CH Lyric           Missy CDX/SH              CH Shiloh


d/o/b - 07/10/05

Finn came to me from breeder, Jennifer Craig, Harborview Goldens

Finn has a pedigree rich with historical Goldens.


CERF - GR-30604/2011,  Heart clearance - GR-CA11294/12M/C-PI

Hips - GR-93217G24M-PI "Good",  Elbows - GR-EL16134M24-PI "Normal"






Finn looking for something!

Finn 3 years old with Fergie.jpg (987028 bytes)


Both majors!

Finn 2nd major (2).jpg (1437693 bytes)  Finn First Major.jpg (1253790 bytes)



out on the show circuit with Clint!



Finn going WD and BOS ~ 2/29/08!




Finn loves to show!


Finn on the move.jpg (299896 bytes) Finn show 2.JPG (200696 bytes)


Finn ~ 22 months



1st place Sweeps 6/24/06 (11 months old)



Finn - BOB puppy 11 months old



Finn - 10 months old



Finn - 8 months old!




Finn enjoying the cold weather ( 7 months old )




5 months old...






Sleepy Finn, hotel 2005 National Specialty



Baby Finn