EROS Kids!

Eros X Ellie dob: 1/28/17

(bred and owned by Leslie Blythe)

Eros X Bella dob: 10/12/16

(bred by Nancy Vetscher, owned by Nancy Vetscher and Diane Eastman)

Eros X Flame dob: 11/28/16

(bred and owned by Julie Cooke)

Eros X Fuzz dob: 10/15/17

(bred by Kathy Whipple, Jim and Alisa Andras, owned by Shelby Eckford)

Eros X Milli dob: 2/23/17

(bred by Robin Bowen, owned by Teri Ford)



Eros X Suri dob: 3/13/16


(bred and owned by Gretchen Olson and Jane Doctor)



Sterling with his Daddy!  6-23-16


Eros X Starr dob: 3/25/16

Shimmer  and  Jett

(bred by Jan Moore, owned by Cindy Price and Jan Moore)




Eros X Christi dob: 5/30/15


(bred and owned by Mary Ann Redmond)




Eros X Merci dob: 6/22/15

Fetch, Kinslea and Gala

CH Fetch  



Kinslea                      Gala       


Eros X Lucy dob: 8/1/14

Charmin AXJ CCA 

    Ernie     Dusty     Fin


  Bella     Winston       Penny



Eros X Riley dob: 11/15/14 

(born the day Daddy Eros finishes)!